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St Andrew’s Youth Centre

Our Aims

To provide a facility which will enable our guests to APPRECIATE CREATION, ENJOY RECREATION, & ENCOURAGE REGENERATION.

CREATION: Set in magnificent surroundings, the centre provides an opportunity to enjoy their beauty, and through it, acknowledge the Creator.

  (We believe in God the Father who created the world)

RECREATION: Mountains, lakes, open space, all provide an opportunity to relax, take stock of life, try new activities and, where necessary, start afresh along life’s road.

   (We believe in Jesus his Son who redeemed the world)

REGENERATION: An opportunity to recharge the physical, emotional and spiritual batteries, and to deepen relationships with fellow group members and with God.

   (We believe in his Holy Spirit who gives new life to the people of God)

Your EUREKA moment

A Lake District residential centre with available activities for youth and adult groups in Coniston. If you have searched for centres in the Lake District, you won't find better than St Andrews.

Looking for a venue to host a training course, large family holiday, or maybe, for a winter walking group? Grizedale Forest can be wonderful in Winter.

We are now taking bookings from adult or family groups for the months of December, January and February.

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To help build up relationships and foster the elements of living together in community through the residential experience, learning to work together, support each other, to develop social skills and develop a greater consideration for others.

To foster an understanding of themselves, other people, and the world around us.

To provide opportunities for the development of skills through challenging activities leading to fulfilment and self-confidence.

To provide opportunities for social interaction e.g. sharing of experiences, development of relationships and trust. 

To learn to work together as a team, supporting and encouraging one another

To nurture an awareness of the natural world and their part in it.

To provide opportunities for exploration and reflection on such issues as rural deprivation, environmental studies, urban studies and the building of communities

To nurture an awareness of the spiritual nature of human beings

To explore issues of personal spirituality and provide an opportunity through reflection, meditation, worship or study to respond where appropriate

To have fun!

Taking a group away provides opportunities for those participating in residential activities:

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St Andrew’s Carlisle Diocesan Youth Centre, in Coniston, provides good quality, affordable, self-catering, residential facilities with excellent access to the Lake District. It has the added benefit of a different environment to advance the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of individual group members.

“All who  truly love Lakeland are exiles when away from it”.  Alfred Wainwright